Liberators & Rescuers

Every Hero Has A Story



Liberators were those who freed victims of the Holocaust from Nazi- ruled areas which included Nazi concentration camps and extermination camps. The Soviet forces were the first to liberate in July of 1944. The American and British troops began their liberation in the spring of 1945. Liberators witnessed firsthand the horrors of the Nazi camps. The tens of thousands of survivors they encountered were barely alive, almost succumbing to starvation and disease. Among the thousands of corpses, liberators rushed to the aid of all those needing medical attention. Despite their efforts, the deplorable conditions victims endured in the camps were too much for some and many died in the weeks following liberation. Liberation allowed for the remaining survivors to begin the long and arduous process of reclaiming the freedom they once had.


Those who risked their lives to save those persons targeted by the Nazi regime characterize rescuers. Rescuers were from all backgrounds, faiths, and occupations. Yad Vashem describes these individuals as Righteous Among the Nations, who in a world of total moral collapse there was a small minority who mustered extraordinary courage to uphold human values. The ways in which these rescuers attempted to save their fellow neighbors varied. The simple act of sparing food or agreeing to hide targeted victims allowed for victims to have one more day of life. Rescuers risked their own lives in their resistance against the Nazi’s. The courage of rescuers undoubtedly saved many lives and future generations.