The Mazal Holocaust Library and The Holocaust History Project

The Mazal Holocaust Library is committed to defending the voices and memories of the victims of the Holocaust around the world by promoting:  Scholarly research into –and discussion of — primary sources relating to Holocaust studies, Holocaust denial, anti-Semitism, and bigotry, as well as; The American ideals of understanding, tolerance and diversity, without which a democracy cannot function; and education of our future generations on racism, bullying, tolerance and diversity.

The Mazal Holocaust Library is the largest privately-owned library of Holocaust-related materials in the world. The library’s extensive collection of books, photographs, documents, pamphlets and microfilm are the work of one man – Harry Mazal OBE -who with the help of numerous volunteers, dedicated his life, his time, and his resources to creating an arsenal of facts to refute Holocaust deniers and a lasting memorial to the victims.

The Mazal Holocaust Library is a living resource where we preserve the books and artifacts, but we also contribute new research into the vital question of how. When deniers claim there is no proof, we point out that the proof not only exists, but can be verified and validated.

We also provide educational resources to the community, by coming to your schools and educating about the Holocaust and genocide.  We enjoy welcoming students to our Library to see the vast collection we have and learn a little more about that period in our history.

Our sister organization, the Holocaust History Project, is made up of a group of volunteers from around the world who give their time and energy to preserve the memory of those who were murdered for no other reason that their religion, culture, or their beliefs.

The Holocaust History Project receives thousands of questions each year from students and researchers from around the world, and each is answered individually and personally by one or more of our volunteers.

Our volunteers are constantly providing direction to thousands of students looking to learn more about the Holocaust – through short essays, educational and instructional materials, and encouragement.

The Mazal Holocaust Library and The Holocaust History Project depend on our valuable students who are doing their internships with us and on volunteers here in the Library to keep it going.  But we also depend on you and your in-kind donations to keep the lights on.  For more information on donating your time or resources, please contact Aimee Mazal-Skillin at or you can send us mail at 14427 Brook Hollow Blvd., San Antonio, TX 78232.